Bad Credit Loan Approval

Bad Credit Loan Approval

Beware of bad credit car loans, not all loans are the same. We look at your current credit situation and assess your options before we proceed with any application. Our finance specialists review every application to make sure that all the information is correct and up to date to allow the financial institutions to make the decision to approve your loan.

Every loan application we receive is treated with the confidentiality.

Your information is secure and is shared only with the financial institutions. We understand that we cannot approve every loan application, but we are confident that once we have your information, our specialists will do their best to get you into a car that is best suited for your payment and needs.

Applying for a Loan

A submitted application to us, will not affect your credit rating. The only time this will have effect on your credit rating is when it has been submitted to a financial company for consideration of a car loan.

Once we have reviewed your application and find it to be complete, your application will sent the financial institution that best suits your credit approval needs. There are times when your application may not be accepted by a financial institution and we may have to look at another lender to get you approved.

Credit Recovery Program

As part of commitment to getting your car loan approved, we will advise you on how to turn your current situation around.

With our approval program, we make sure that your new credit start is reported to the credit reporting agencies to repair your past history and create a more favorable and hopefully better outlook.

Once you have shown the financial companies that you are able to make consistent and regular payments on time, we can assist you getting a newer car at a more reasonable interest rate.

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